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Borehole Geophysics


IFG Corporation is a Canadian owned Company and has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for borehole geophysics since 1979. IFG began the development of a new generation of slim-size borehole sensors in 1984. These new instruments take advantage of the dramatic improvements in the semi-conductor technology, which includes the reduction in size and power consumption. Concentrating on small diameter borehole sensors (35mm to 76mm diameter). IFG has developed a wide range of borehole sensors to meet the needs of  the mining, geo-technical and environmental industries.

Sensing Technologies

  • Magnetic Orientation
  • Temperature
  • Gamma (KUT)
  • Caliper
  • Induced Polarization
  • Gyro Orientation
  • Inductive Conductivity
  • Spectral Gamma
  • 3 Component Magnetics
  • Camera probe
  • Tilt Meter
  • Galvanic Resistivity
  • Gamma Density
  • Magnetic Susceptibility