B3C-01 Borehole 3-Arm Caliper

The B3C-01 is a digital 3-arm caliper probe, which samples the borehole diameter in the range from 40 to 400 mm at a rate of two samples per second.

The logging of a hole is only possible during to up run. The opening and the closing of the caliper arms are controlled from the surface. Larger caliper arms for larger diameter holes are optional available.

The 3-arm caliper probe is designed for use with all IFG logging system, which includes the BIN-04 digital data interface, 4 conductor logging cable, a depth encoded and the operational software.

The probe is controlled by an on-board microprocessor, which transmits the digital value along the logging cable to the BIN-04 surface unit for the reforming and then transferring the data to a microcomputer for storage and display.

The operational software allows the numerical or graphic data display to be examined during logging and recorded on disk. Additional software is also available for the post-processing and plotting of the captured data.


Detector Type Mechanical coupled 3 arms
Detection Range 40 to 400 mm
Sample Period 2 Hz
Probe Housing Stainless Steel
Maximum Depth 3000 m
Connection 4 Pin connector (Gearhart Owen)
Output 10mA current loop
Temperature Range
Storage -35 to +70°C
Operating 0 to +70°C
Extended 0 to +100°C
Supply Voltage 48 VDC
Probe Dimension 40mm diameter X 120cm
Probe Weight 3.4 kg