BMS-01 Borehole Magnetic Susceptibility Probe

The BMS-01 magnetic susceptibility probe is contained in a 40 mm diameter non-magnetic housing which is pressure rated to 2,000 meters.

The sensor is controlled by an on-board microprocessor that samples the sensor signal at a rate of 2 Hz and transmits the digital result along a 4 conductor logging cable to the IFG BIN-04 digital data interface console.

The BMS-01 sensor is a single coil design 40-cm in length, operating at a frequency of 1.4 kHz. The single coil design produces a single peak response.

The minimum resolvable layer thickness of the sensor is 25 cm. The range of the coil is 10–5 to 10-1 cgs in units of 1X10–5 cgs. An available calibration source permits the absolute calibration of the BMS-01 for various borehole diameters.


Sensor Range 10–5 to 10-1 cgs
Sensitivity 10x105 cgs
Housing High strength filawound tube
Maximum Depth 3000 meters
Connection 4-pin (Gearhardt Owen)
Temperature Range Storage; -35 to +70°C
Operating: 0 to +70°C
Extended: 0 to +120°C
Sampling Rate 2 Hz
Output 10mA current loop, 4800 baud
Supply Voltage 48 VDC @ 5W (at probe header)
Dimensions 40mm diameter x 1.2 meters long
Weight 4 kg