BRS-01 Borehole multiple array Resistivity probe

The BRS-01 resistivity probe is contained in a 42-mm diameter non- magnetic non- conductive housing, which is pressure, rated to 3,000 meters. The probe is controlled by an on- board microprocessor that samples the potential between the two electrode arrays at a rate of 2 samples per second. The potential range of the measurement is +/-50V and has a resolution of 0.1mV. The digital data is then transmitted along a 4 conductor logging cable to the surface, to the data interface (BIN-04). When switching the current generator "OFF" the BRS-01 probe will measure the self-potential in the borehole.


SENSOR RANGE 0 to 50,000 ohm-m
INPUT CURRENT 2,5,10,20, mA (selectable)
OPTIONS Temperature sensor
0o to 50oC range
0.001oC sensitivity
HOUSING High strength filawound tube
MAXIMUM DEPTH 3000 meters
CONNECTION 4-pin connector (Gearhardt Owen)
TEMPERATURE RANGE Storage:             -35oC to   +70oC
Operating:           0oC to   +70oC
Extended:            0oC to   +120oC
OUTPUT 20 mA current loop, 4800 baud
SUPPLY VOLTAGE  48 Vdc @ 5 W (at probe header)
DIMENTIONS 40 mm diameter x 2.0 meters long
WEIGHT  3.6 kg.