BTM-01 High Sense Temperature Probe

The BTM-01 is a probe that measures the fluid temperature within a borehole. The high sensitivity and the fast response of the sensor enable the measurement of fluid movement into or out of the borehole. Additionally in case with no water movement the thermal conductivity of the rock formation can be observed.

High sense temperature sensor.

The BTM-01 is controlled by an on-board microprocessor that samples the temperature sensor at a rate of two reading per second, with a 24 bit of resolution. Each reading is linear zed and calibrated to proper engineering units before transmitted to the surface. The temperature sensor is contained in a non-magnetic, stainless steel housing. The sensor is placed in the tip of the probe with a steel cadge protector. Two versions of housings are available. The 40mm housing is rated to 1500m depth, and the 42mm housing that is rated to 3000m depth. This translates into a pressure rating of 2250 PSI and 4500 PSI respectively. The BTM-01 is compatible with the BIN-04 digital data interface and IFG Corporation’s standard 4 conductor logging cable.

The BTM-01 is a cost-effective way to obtain a geophysical temperature logs in a single survey run. The probe provides electrical and temperature logs for lithology mapping and other interpretations.


Temperature Thermistor 0 to 50oC 0.0001oC
(Optional range) Thermistor 0 to 100oC 0.0002oC
Resistivity Single point 0 to 100V 1mV


ELECTRODES Naval brass
HOUSING High strength filawounds tube
MAXIMUM DEPTH 1500 or 3000m
CONNECTION 4-pin connector (Gearhardt Owen)
TEMPERATURE RANGE Storage; -35o to +70oC
Operating: 0o to +70oC
Extended: 0o to +120oC
OUTPUT 20mA current loop, 4800 baud
SUPPLY VOLTAGE 24VDC @ 5W (at probe header )
DIMENSIONS 40 mm diameter x 0.9 meters long
WEIGHT 2.2 kg