BXY-01 Borehole Inclination Probe

The BXY-01 borehole inclination probe is a digital probe that measures the inclination of the borehole continuously, at a rate of two times per second. The sensor reports three outputs, the tilt X component the tilt Y component and the dip angle. The dip measurement is relative to vertical (vertical=0). The units are calibrated to angular degrees. Internally the microprocessor scales and calibrates all the measurements to engineering units, before the data is transmitted to the

The BXY-01 borehole orientation probe interfaces to all IFG logging systems. A typical system consists of a wire line winch equipped with a four conductor logging cable. A digital data interface (BIN-04), an optional depth encoder and a laptop computer.

The interface console supplies the power to the probe and receives the data from the sensors. This data is converted to a standard ASCII format by the console. Additional information like the depth of the probe and other external data are appended to the data string. The ASCII data string is then transmitted via RS-232 data interface to a laptop or pen computer for the display and the storage of the data on the computer-recording device.

The data acquisition software is the part that is specially designed for the orientation survey. The survey is generally run in continues mode at speeds of 3 to 15m per minute. Both the computed and the raw data are recorded for further post processing and plotting.


SAMPLE PERIOD 2 samples per second
PROBE HOUSING filawound fiberglass
TEMPERATURE RANGE Storage: -35 to +70°C
Operating 0 to +70°C
OUTPUT 10mA current loop, 4800 baud
SUPPLY VOLTAGE 48 VDC, @ 0.2mA (at probe header)
PROBE DIMENSIONS 42mm diameter x 73 cm long