BU-100 Up-Hole Logging Winch

The BU-100 is a lightweight, geophysical up-hole logging winch that is equipped with a 10mm stiff push rod cable. This cable enables the deployment of geophysical sensors into boreholes that are horizontal or in the up direction. The maximum recommended depth range is 100m. The electrical connection is made with the centered mono cable. The single conductor supplies the power to the probe, and the probe transmits the data to the interface console on the same conductor. The basic construction of the winch is a 1m wheel that holds the push-rod cable. The winch is equipped with two wheels for ease of movement and transportation. The electrical connection to the probe is made with a 4-conductor slip ring, which is totally enclosed inside the drum for protection from the environment. The BU-100 has a build interface console (BIN-07). The console supplies the power to the probe and receives the data from the probe and the depth encoder. The interface console reformats the data to ASCII and then transmits it to the portable computer or palm computer via the serial data port. The depth is measured with a calibrated wheel attached to the winch. The depth is recorded with a resolution of 1mm.

A build in 12-Volt battery supplies the power to the interface console and the borehole probe. The battery has a capacity of 2.5AHr. This system can be run from the internal battery for a maximum of 8 hours, or an external 12VDC power source.


CABLE CAPACITY 100 m of push-rod-cable
SLIP RINGS 4 conductor, silver graphite
CABLE HEADER 4 pin (1 inch)
WIDTH X DEPTH X HEIGHT 45 X 110 X 110 cm
DRUM OD X WIDTH 100 X 12 cm
WEIGHT 42.5 kg including 100 m of cable