BW-3000 Borehole Logging Winch

The BW-3000 series of borehole geophysical borehole winches are ideally suited for truck mounted applications that require continuous logging at speeds from 0.3 to 30 meters per minute to a maximum borehole depth of 3km. It is designed to hold up to 3000m of 6mm four-conductor polyurethane-jacketed borehole cable. Smaller drums with 1000m and 2000m of cable are also available. These cable drums are easily exchanged for either the replacement of cable or for maintenance reasons. The winch is driven by a 0.75 Hp electric motor. The cable is wound onto the drum evenly with a mechanical level wind mechanism. The winch is equipped with a disk break that can used for continues or emergency breaking. The basic construction of the winch consists of 2 aluminum side plates joined together with aluminum posts. This provides the support for the cable drum and the level wind. The BW-3000 winch comes with a detachable crank handle for manual operation. The electrical connection for the probe is made with a 4-conductor (optional 6-conductor) slip ring that is totally enclosed inside the drum for protection from the environment.


WIDTH X DEPTH X HEIGHT 66 x 87 x 65cm
WEIGHT 85 kg (with motor)
CAPACITY 2000 m of BLC-04 cable
CABLE WEIGHT 59kg /1000m
SLIP RINGS 4 conductor, silver graphite
SLIP RINGS OPTIONAL 6 conductor, silver graphite
INPUT POWER 120 or 240 VAC, 50, 60, Hz
DRUM ID X OD X LENGTH 17.8 X 61 X 47cm
GEAR RATIO 25/4/1(motor / crank / drum)