BEP-01 Combination Borehole Probe

The BEP-01 is a combination probe designed to measure two physical rock properties in a borehole. The probe is equipped with the following sensors:

  • Induction conductivity sensor.
  • Natural gamma (Total count and KUT).

The BEP-01 is controlled by an on-board microprocessor, which can sample up to 10 separate sensors at a rate of 2 Hz with up to 24 bits of resolution. The sensors are contained in a non-magnetic, non-conductive housing, that is pressure rated to 3000 meters of water pressure. The BEP-01 is compatible with the BIN-04 or BIN-07 digital data interface and IFG Corporation’s standard 4 conductor logging cable or mono cable.

The BEP-01 is a cost-effective way to obtain a number of geophysical logs in a single survey run. The probe provides the measurement of 4 channel radiometric and inductive conductivity. The gamma sensor is a single crystal CsI(Na) detector with a dimension of 25mm X 75mm. The radiometric channels are total count , K40, Bi214 and Tl208. The inductive conductivity sensor is a single coil that measures the conductivity of the rock and has a penetration of 5cm. This sensor is designed for high conductivity (>5mS/m), with a very large dynamic range.


Conductivity Induction 1  to 106 ppm 1ppm
Gamma Scintillometer 0 to 500000 CPS CPS/0.5sec
TC channel Scintillometer 100 - 3000 keV CPS/0.5sec
K40 channel Scintillometer 1334 - 1604keV CPS/0.5sec
Bi214 channel Scintillometer 1631 - 2368keV CPS/0.5sec
Tl208 channel Scintillometer 2440 - 2862keV CPS/0.5sec


ELECTRODES Naval brass
HOUSING High strength filawounds tube
MAXIMUM DEPTH 3000 meters
CONNECTION 4 pin connector (Gearhardt Owen)
TEMPERATURE RANGE Storage; -35o to +70oC
Operating: 0o to +70oC
Extended: 0o to +120oC
OUTPUT 10mA current loop, 4800 baud
SUPPLY VOLTAGE 24VDC @ 5W (at probe header )
DIMENSIONS 42 mm diameter x 1.5 meter long
WEIGHT 3.0 kg