BMP-04 Multi-Parameter Borehole Probe

The BMP-04 is a combination probe designed to measure a wide range of physical rock properties in a borehole. The probe is equipped with the following sensors:

  • 3 component magnetometer
  • Magnetic susceptibility sensor
  • 16”& 48” normal resistivity arrays
  • Temperature sensor
  • Tilt sensor

The BMP-04 is controlled by an on-board microprocessor, which can sample up to 9 separate sensors at a rate of 2 Hz with up to 24 bits of resolution. The sensors are contained in a non-magnetic, non-conductive
housing which is pressure rated to 2000 meters. The BMP-04 is compatible with the BIN-04 digital data interface and IFG Corporation’s standard 4 conductor logging cable.

The BMP-04 is a cost-effective way to obtain a number of geophysical logs in a single survey run. The probe provides electrical and magnetic logs for lithology mapping, temperature logs for fracture mapping and flow determination, and vector and tilt information for performing borehole deviation and vector magnetic surveys.


Magnetometer Fluxgate +/-100,000nT 0.1nT
Tiltmeter Transducer 0 to 80o 0.1o
Susceptibilty Induction 105  to 10-1 cgs 10x105 cgs
Resistivity 16”& 48” 0 to 50,000 ohm-m 1ohm-m
Temperature Thermistor 0 to 50oC 0.0001oC


ELECTRODES Naval brass
HOUSING High strength filawounds tube
MAXIMUM DEPTH 2000 meters
CONNECTION 4 pin connector (Gearhardt Owen)
TEMPERATURE RANGE Storage: -35 to +70oC
Operating: 0 to +70oC
Extended: 0 to +120oC
OUTPUT 20mA current loop, 4800 baud
SUPPLY VOLTAGE 26VDC @ 5W (at probe header )
DIMENSIONS 40 mm diameter x 2.1 meter long
WEIGHT  5.6 kg