BVM-02 Borehole Vector Magnetometer

The BVM-02 contains a high sensitivity three-component fluxgate magnetometer and two-axis tiltmeter to provide measurements used in vector magnetic and borehole orientation surveys. The sensors are mounted in a non-magnetic housing, which is pressure rated to 1500 (40mm) or 3000 meters (42mm). All functions within the probe are controlled by an on-board microprocessor, that samples each sensor twice every second, and transmits the digital data record up-hole along the four conductors logging cable to the BIN-04 digital data interface. Power and a return ground provided to the probe through 2 of the cable conductors.

Each component of the magnetic field is sampled over 0.4 seconds to a sensitivity of 0.1nT. The 2-axis tiltmeter provides an accurate value of the borehole dip from 0 (vertical) to 80o.

Its 40-mm outer diameter permits use of the BVM-02 in small hole drilling programs typical in the mining industry. A complete copy of all measurements is recorded that permits further analysis in area of high magnetic gradient, which are often associated with mineralization.


Magnetometer Range: +/-100,000nT
Sensitivity 0.1nT
Measuring time [0.5 sec.]
TILTMETER Range: 0 to 85
Sensitivity [0.1]
COMPUTED DIP 0 to 90o from vertical
HOUSING High strength filawound tube
MAXIMUM DEPTH 1500 meters for 40mm housing
                3000 meters for 42mm housing
CONNECTION 4 pin connector (Gearhardt Owen )
TEMPERATURE RANGE Storage: -35oC to 70oC
Operating: 0oC to 70oC
Extended: 0oC to 125oC
OUTPUT 10mA current loop, 4800 baud
SUPPLY VOLTAGE 24 VDC @ 5W (at probe header)
DIMENSIONS 40 mm diameter x 1.4 meters long
WEIGHT 2.8 kg