Specifications of the I F G multi parameter probe (BMP-06)

Conductivity, Magnetic Susceptibility, Resistivity, Natural Gamma, Temperature.

The multi-parameter probe measures the parameters of inductive conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, galvanic resistivity, natural gamma and temperature. The sensors and the electronics circuits are contained within the probe of the size of 170 cm by 40 mm. All measurements are taken synchronously at a rate of 2 times per second. Including the gamma counts are integrated over a time period of 0.5 second with a maximum dead time of 30 ms or 6% of the accumulation time.


Probe management
 8 bit micro-controller  
Sample rate 2 Hz, all sensors synchronous
Data transfer 2400 baud, 5mA current loop
Power 48 VDC @100mA
Probe mechanics
Diameter 40 mm up to 1500 m depth
Diameter 42 mm up to 3000 m depth
Diameter 34 mm up to 500 m depth
Length 168 cm
Weight 5 kg
Magnetic Susceptibility Sensor
Length  30 cm
Sensitivity 10uSI
Resolution +/- 1uSI
Range 1uSI to 2 SI units
Method AC induction, near 2 kHz
Temperature stability 50uSI / C
Conductivity Sensor
Length 10  cm
Sensitivity 10mS/m
Resolution +/- 1mS/m
Range 10mS/m to 200 S/m
Method AC induction at 38 kHz
Natural Gamma Sensor
Size 38.6cm3
Detector material CsI
Energy 100 KeV to 3 MeV
Range 0 to 500 k CPS
Units Counts/0.5 sec
Region of interest Total count, K40, Bi214 and Tl208
Resistivity array
Size 40 cm normal array
Sensitivity 1 mV
Resolution 0.1 mV
Range +50 V to - 50 V
Method Constant current (5mA)
Size 20 X 0.9 mm
Sensitivity 0.1 m oC
Range 0 to 50 oC
Method Thermistor